From the premiere of Vegas's hottest new show, Orange Man Solo Group, to a Baptism in the Great Salt Lake, to free-style raps at Mount Rushmore, to a visit to America's only Camp for Sexually Active Christian Children in Wisconsin, USofAnderson's eccentric road trip journeys to undiscovered all-American attractions and improves upon the traditional tourist traps, like National Parks.

Led by David 'Dave' Anderson, a lovable Midwesterner but Hollywood failure, and his former high school foreign exchange student, Nikolai, --now a burgeoning Russian video artist-- USofAnderson attempts to open Nikolai's artistic eye to the bounty of America. Unfortunately, David 'Dave' often can't help putting himself or his career ahead of Nikolai's experience, even if it hijacks the trip and sends it hurdling toward disaster.


Writer, Director, Producer & Co-Starring



30-plus episodes, over 150 minutes of nuttiness




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